“Want To Partner With Me On Our New Viral App?”
Watch this insider video from my business partner Josh Cope to
get the exciting details now:
To get your NDA (so you can partner with me,  Josh Cope, Jonathan Budd, and the most successful leaders in this industry today), follow these 3 simple steps:

Step #1:
Text me at 888-576-6857 with the following info:

  • Your First AND Last Name
  • Your Best Email Address
  • Your Cell # (yes, I know it shows in the “from” text, but please send it in the text as well)
Step #2:

Wait for me to text you back with your exclusive NDA invite code, and then sign it ASAP… if you don’t sign it quickly we’ll have to give your spot to the next person.

Step #3:

Look for a personal email from me welcoming you to our inner circle, along with a quick video that will walk you through what to do NEXT


Due to the speed that this is spreading, it is critical that you send me a text NOW so you can lock in your position in this new viral platform. We are currently welcoming like-minded entrepreneurs that share our vision into our inner circle. But that will end once we have our core team in place. So if you want to be part of this grass-roots movement & be on the ground floor of the very FUTURE of where technology is going, text me now so I can send you an NDA along with the full details!


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