Success in Online Network Marketing: What You Need To Know When Picking A Domain

If your a network marketer who is struggling and not sure what steps you need to take to start seeing those results that you deserve and so desperately want… Then today is your lucky day! I am here to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to start seeing incredible growth in your own online network marketing or home-based business.

The first step that is crucial for success in online network marketing is to have your own DOMAIN.

When I first started online network marketing I didn’t even know what a domain was or why I needed one and you may be asking yourself the same thing?

A domain is simply your own website that people can visit. Having a domain will brand you as a leader and will increase your perceived level of professionalism. Remember, people want to follow and join leaders, so having your own unique domain will give your prospect a solid first impression which is key to growth in your own online network marketing or home-based business.

There are 3 key tips that you need to keep in mind when picking your domain:

Tip #1

Online Network Marketing Tip #1

Keep it Simple

Your domain must be:
-easy to say
-easy to spell
-easy to remember

This is the most important rule since it is very easy to lose potential leads if you do not exactly follow this tip. You want to make your domain as simple as possible to avoid your prospects from making a mistake when typing in your domain name and ending up on someone elses website.

Online Network Marketing Tip #2

Pay Close Attention to Phonics

Do not use a domain with letters unless you can reserve the numerical and alphabetical names. To prevent losing any potential prospects also avoid using a domain with 2 different spellings. Do not confuse your prospect, stay away from domains such as:  or  or


Tip #3

Online Network Marketing Tip #3

Keep it Generic

NEVER pick a domain that deals with your company name or product/services!! This allows you to gain control of what your prospects see and when. Later on down the road, once you build a list and a relationship with your prospects I will show you how to introduce your opportunity to your prospects but right now your focus is on building a huge list of prospects!


Here are a few examples of generic domains:

I would also strongly suggest that you only use a domain with a .com ending. Avoid using endings such as org, ca, net… com has a higher level of professionalism compared to others. It is habit for prospects to automatically type in .com and I see amateurs in online network marketing lose several prospects to their competitors due to this common  mistake.

Another good domain idea is to use your name or your name with an extension but ONLY use this method if your name is easy to say, spell and remember! Do not use your name if there is more than one spelling or is not straight forward. Here are some good examples:

The next step to success in online network marketing is to find out if your chosen domain name is available, and to do that I used

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) In the search bar on the home page, enter your chosen domain to see if it is available. (When typing in your domain, you do not need to enter .com at the end since it is already programmed in)

Step 3) Pay close attention to the price tag of your chosen domain name, they can range anywhere from $3-$2000+ So pick a domain that works into your current budget

Step 4) It may take several tries to find an available domain…stay patient, you will find one! Once you do click  BUY IT NOW and follow the step by step directions to reserve your domain

So there you have it! Now you are aware of what you need to know when picking out your own domain to ensure great success in your own online network marketing or home based business. To take your online business to its highest potential, be sure to take advantage of more effective online network marketing strategies, tips, and secrets. If your serious about earning a full-time income with your online network marketing or home-based business in the fastest, easiest and most direct way possible, stay up-to-date with these online network marketing success tips!!!!


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