The Shocking Truth About Network Marketing

Are you in the network marketing profession and are constantly struggling to see the results that you feel you deserve?

Are you beating your head against the wall thinking to yourself, there has got to be a better way to do this! Well I did.

For a year and a half I dedicated the majority of my time and energy into growing my network marketing business. I tried everything; I religiously attended events and meetings, hounded my friends and family, handed out CD’s and newspapers, scheduled 3-way calls and follow ups, made cold calls, put up posters on bulletins… I was just waiting for the day that all my hard work and determination was going to pay off, but instead I had a closet full of product, a racked up credit card and a dwindling self confidence. Maybe you can relate?

I didn’t know where to turn to next… I kept being told, “just keep doing what your doing.” Well, I knew what I was doing was NOT working, but the worst part was that I couldn’t figure out WHY it wasn’t working. All I knew was that I wasn’t getting any closer to my dream of financial freedom and I had to find a way to get there!

To get right down to the point, I did finally discover the shocking truth about network marketing. I figured out what was missing and taught myself a few simple techniques that kicked my network marketing business into full throttle in a surprisingly short amount of time and now I’m here helping you to achieve the same breakthrough success in your own network marketing or home-based business!

There are a few misconceptions however that I need to bring to your attention, that I was only able to identify once my view of network marketing had changed.

First of all; not EVERYONE is your prospect! It has not occurred to most network marketers that some people are happy and satisfied with what they are currently doing and not interested in a change. Others simply don’t have the time or are completely against network marketing and would rather be jobless than to get involved in Multi-level Marketing. Some people are against making lots of money and think its wrong, they may be scared to death of risk or entrepreneurship or straight up just don’t care.

Long story short, having the mind set that everyone within 3 feet of you is a potential prospect is a complete waist of energy and time. Why not spend your time on prospects that have shown interest and have come to you for more information! If your asking yourself… well how do I get people to come to me? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how! Remember, the last thing you want to become, is the person that is a huge annoyance and people avoid at all costs (that is no way to grow a successful network marketing or home-based business).

Secondly, Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that personal development is very important for ones well being and successful future… but I disagree when people are told that the reason for their failure is simply because “they don’t have enough belief”or “their why is not big enough.” In order for anyone to have success in network marketing one needs EFFECTIVE MARKETING TOOLS! It is very hard to have a strong belief when you are trying everything possible to see the results you are desperately holding your breath for and nothings falling into place. Do you think that if all your hard work was paying off and you were achieving your set goals that you would not have tons of belief in yourself and your network marketing business? Of course you would! So don’t be so hard on yourself…you are not the only network marketer out there that feels like their running around in circles. And it is not your fault.. you have not been taught effective marketing tools yet. Once you learn a few simple techniques to lead your network marketing or home-based business to growth and success, trust me belief will follow…and a lot of it :)

There is something that I want to bring to your attention and for you to be very aware of, and hopefully you haven’t experienced this yet… While trying to find the hidden puzzle piece to success in network marketing, I did A LOT of research and I came across several bad tips when it came to building network marketing or home-based businesses. There are tons of people in this profession that claim they are network marketing “guru’s” but although they may have the best intentions, many end up leading others down the wrong path. I was trying everything to grow my business and unfortunately I was burned along the way many times, spending hundreds of dollars on “the next best” network marketing training videos, books etc. that usually never delivered on their promises and left me even more confused and frustrated than I was to begin with.

There are common methods taught in multilevel marketing that are outdated, don’t work and can be destructive. That is why 99% of network marketers feel like they are not accomplishing anything. What I did was discard the outdated methods that I was previously taught and started putting into action and taking advantage of todays modern technology. Online marketing is the key to great success in network marketing, you have BILLIONS of people literally at your finger tips, you just have to be taught how to master the few techniques and rest my friend, will be history!

Now let me explain… not too long ago I was a computer newbie, barely even knew how to send an email. But I had great determination and I was going to do whatever it took to turn my dreams into a reality. Let me tell you one thing: If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! That is what I am here for, to take you by the hand and show you everything I have discovered and put into place to allow my business to grow faster than I had ever imagined. I now am making profits before anyone even signs the distributor application to join into my downline. And one of my favourite parts is, instead of me hounding prospects to join my network marketing business, I now have people literally begging me, credit card in hand to be a part of my opportunity. If you are committed to taking your network marketing or home-based business to the next level I will show you literally step-by-step on how I got there :)

Be sure to take advantage of my network marketing training I put together for you with my partner, Josh Cope. It will teach you step-by-step instructions on how to create unstoppable growth in your own network marketing or home based business in the easiest, fastest and more direct way possible!!


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